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Want to see what episode I have already written or want to get to a certain episode in a flash? Check out this list and do your business.

  • Season 1
    • The Console Wars are Over
      • The first episode starts off our series by discussing which is better, Playstation 4 or XboxOne.
    • Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
      • People say that the two shoes named 'Gravity Falls' and 'Steven Universe' are bad shows, but I prove you wrong and show you that they are actually really good!
    • Sonic went 'Boom' and died.
      • Sonic the Hedgehog is called to be the fastest thing alive, and he used to have some pretty cool games. But, does Sonic need to slow down and retire?
    • That one guy from that one movie.
      • We all know the voice that does every trailer or commercial for every cartoon or action film. We discuss that and talk about how much of a pain it must be.
    • We go INSIDE, Limbo 2 goes OUTSIDE.
      • The game company PlayDead (the creators of Limbo) recently announced a new game to come out this Christmas, and we talk about this and if it should have been the long awaited 'Limbo 2' instead of this 'INSIDE' game.
    • Courage the Casual Dog
      • One of my favorite childhood cartoons in Courage the Cowardly Dog, and recently, people think that everything Courage goes through is just what he see's through a dog's eye. I talk about this, and get REALLY PISSED OFF.
    • Adventure Time and Gravity Falls got SERIOUS.
      • You know the name Adventure Time, the show on Cartoon Network that adults watch a lot. Well, it got serious, really f*cking serious. I talk about this, and how Gravity Falls also got serious as well for their second season.
    • [NEW] Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, are all real!!! (or not)
      • BIGFOOT IS CONFIRMED. Just kidding. This episode, we talk about how Bigfoot does not exist, and how ghosts and aliens might just be a possibility...

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