Have a request? Email me!

Do you have something that you think I should talk about on a new episode of The Doom Digest? Send me an email for an episode topic and it might just be explained for you!

Here are the rules and requirements on requesting:

  • No inappropriate topics.
    • This includes topics about sex or anything too mature.
    • Must be appropriate and clean.
  • Cannot be something rude to another person.
    • This means you cannot make me do a topic involving someone else that has nothing to them.
    • Celebrities, I can do, but not random people/
  • Make sure I haven't done an episode about it already.
    • Try going through the list of all the episode I have written about and make sure I haven't done what you requested already.
    • This means I won't do anything twice, unless the topic has been updated and I have more news about it, like if this person/place/thing has recently updated in real life and I'll express how I feel about it.
  • It's gotta be something interesting!
    • Please, don't make it something small. Make it something juicy, something I can be funny about and I'll have a full article to write about.
    • Don't make it something about why we use pencil's, I won't answer basic questions like, "Why do we wear clothes?". Go to Vsauce of Buzzfeed for that kind of stuff.
  • If I say no to your request, it's no.
    • I won't accept every request you give me. You can give me a batch of ideas in one email and I'll see what I can do, but if you don't get approved, then don't be mean. Suck it up, okay?
    • I might do some research from time to time on some topics, but sometimes to every topic I will research about. Try giving me details to talk about, and I might do more research based off of what you've told me.
  • If anymore questions or more details, I can tell you more of what I do and do not accept once you send me your topic idea based off of what I disagree on.
Please notify me if I do not reply to your email. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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