Friday, May 2, 2014

1.01 The Console Wars are Over

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1.01 The Console Wars are Over
    So, not long ago did the XboxOne and the Playstation 4 finally come out after doubt of even being an idea to the companies of Microsoft and Sony. Ever since the original Xbox and original Playstaion come out to release, there was a fight on which console was better, and riots spread all the way until the Xbox360 came out, which is still cherished as much as the Playsation 2 and Playstaion 3 are from past and future. Years passed, and the fight grew stronger on how one consoles features were better than the other.

We like to call this fight The Console Wars.

   Now, I absolutely love Xbox for it's games and system itself, but really, I love them both as the Playstaion 3 has wonderful exclusives such as The Last of Us or Beyond: Two Souls. But, once you've played those exclusives, you put them on a shelf and they dirty. The Last of Us had unworthy multiplayer game play and left us to die in a wait for the DLC named The Last of Us: Left Behind which is still cherished in memories, but collected dust on your shelf. Xbox has games, in my opinion, that doesn't do this. Think about it; the Call of Duty series, has amazing online game play (mostly loved in Call of Duty: Ghosts for it's interactive environments and characters) and also Battlefield (mostly Battlefield 4 for it's epic scenery and graphics and great storyline and environment). Those have extras that never end and keep you holding onto that controller, as in of rage, or pleasure.

   But, we must move on to XboxOne and Playstaion 4 wars. These are dumb, and an obvious winner is shown in front of our blind faces. Playstaion 4 is the gaming system of future time, just like the third, second, and first. Nothing else to that. The XboxOne, so what if it costs money? Once you have XboxLive, it doesn't even really effect you at all. You just pay it and forget you didn't even have it in the first place and you can live a normal life. Not bad at all. Internet for free on Playstation? Not a big deal. That's why we have computers and wi-fi connections.

   What did Sony add to the Playstaion 4? They added one new feature. It's just a one inch wide touch screen pad. So cool, right? So revolutionary, because TOUCH-SCREEN PHONES have never done that before so they can go kill themselves for thinking they did it first. Playstaion totally invented touch screen controls. Well, guess what? The XboxOne is one of the first consoles to allow you to multitask. You can finally access the internet while playing a video game, so you can buy tickets to a movie, broadcast a live stream, or even Skype call just with the press of a button or a hand motion! Can Playstaion do that? That is what I'd thought you'd say. NO.

   Also, the XboxOne has it's own exclusives that you'd need to own an XboxOne to continue your favorite game franchises, such as Kingdom Hearts to play Kingdom Hearts III, Halo so you can play Halo 5 (which, for you weirdos, Halo 5 is necessary since Halo is supposed to have six games to them in the first place) and much more. Also, XboxOne already has much more better reviewed games than Playstaion 4. Playstation just got a bunch of random dudes to slap a game onto their wall. XboxOne actually got professionals to help make their games instead of indie developers (no offense indie gamers).

   The XboxOne is a much better console overall. It's won the war. You gotta get over it, Playstation fans! So what if Playstaion 3 had a Blueray player? NOBODY GIVES A FLYING SHIT ABOUT BLUERAY ANYMORE. Another thing, the Playstation controllers are confusing as hell. I mean, shapes? Why choose shapes? Oh, look at us, we teamed up with ELMO AND FRIENDS to design a controller. Haha! NO. The alphabet is a much more simple system, it's a default to our human brains. You start gaming with the alphabet, not with shapes. You were never taught to say shapes when gaming. You were never taught to say shapes every time you press a key on a keyboard. It's the ABC's, not the XCircleSquare's.

   So, who is the winner? XboxOne. Playstaion 4 was a bad attempt at making money. I mean, it's a load of fun, but once you've beaten all of those games, what then? You buy an XboxOne for endless fun instead of limited fun. Get an XboxOne, switch to the good guys and stop trying to look cool. Worshiping Playstation makes you look like a pussy.

   This was Doom Digest, making sense.
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