Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1.08 Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, are all real! (or not)

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"Recently scientists went searching in a forest somewhere in Oregon, and what they found was something they had never seen. They saw a footprint carved into the dirt of the floor path, and they knew, from the abnormally large size of this footprint, that this was from the long lost beast named 'Bigfoot'. They took it into a lab and then they went back into the forest and stayed overnight. What they discovered next was incredible. They heard a loud, long and deep yell come from the distant of the forest, and  they knew Bigfoot was out there. But, when they tried to track him down, he could not be located. Bigfoot is still unknown to this day, but scientists are still trying..."

Yeah, no. Absolutely not. Can you actually believe this shit? I didn't get this from an article, I just made it up for fun, but this is the kind of stuff people say because they say they saw Bigfoot or something. It's ridiculous. I think it is the most stupid thing ever. If you tell someone "Bigfoot isn't real, get over it!" they may call you 'close-minded' and that you don't believe in anything. Well, people, it is called being smart and being part of reality.

Think about this; Bigfoot has been told to have existed since, well, a while now, and he is a loud, tall species of man which is covered in hair from head to toe and walks among forests and watches it's visitors. Well, we have looked around a lot of forests, and we have even cut down forests, and by now, we would have found this so called Bigfoot. The only clues we have ever found is either a footprint or his voice screaming in the distance. Name one other thing that is a clue to Bigfoot, just one.

No other evidence.

By now we would have found him. And that show 'Finding Bigfoot' is total crap as well. Every episode is the same, they never find anything different. All they find is voices, maybe some prints, or some hair they found on the ground. I mean, it's just hair from some guy, maybe dog hair when a guy was taking his dog on a walk, I mean, Bigfoot of all things come to mind? Oh, grow up already. He's not real. If anything, if Bigfoot or Sasquatches once existed, they are extinct or something. My guess, it's just some stupid myth a random guy came up with to get famous.

Now, aliens. Those also do not exist, but actually, it depends on what we mean by 'aliens'. Obviously the big headed green creatures that we see in movies do not exist, but something might just exist that isn't the big headed freakazoid. Flying saucers are not real, I mean, the internet has found way too many U.F.O's for them to be real. Does anybody remember the picture, the first U.F.O sighting? That might just be real, who knows. But why are there so many afterwards? That guy got famous for the sighting, and everyone else made props to get famous as well. But it really makes them look like idiots who are desperate for attention and have something wrong in their brain or something and wear those cat t-shirts. Anywho, yeah. Most of these sightings have to be fake, but the thought of aliens are a definite possibility. There has to have been one time where creatures from distant planets/universes have come to visit Earth to study it's life and technology, but only once, many twice, but that is just it. There has got to be only three, or two real sightings, but the rest are fake.

Now how about that Chupacabra? People think this little thing is real, and I gotta say, it is a huge possibility it is a real creature. It's told to eat cows and goats and stuff in Mexico or something like that, and it's small, fast, and blood thirsty. This could be a real thing, because cows are getting eating by stuff all the time, and this Chupacabra is small and fast, so it'd be hard to get a picture of it. This makes me think there has to be only two or three real sighting pictures out there, for people who got lucky. The Chupacabra is just one of those things that could be real.

Next, is something that people call The Rake. This creature is supposed to be a human-like creature that stalks people and eventually goes over to kill them. But it waits for a possibility of months until it wishes to eat upon one's flesh. Now, people think this is a CreepyPasta (creepy pasta; a story about creepy topics, such as the Slenderman or Jeff the Killer) but it just could be real. I mean, there are all kidns of human-like creatures, I think. :\ The Rake could just be one of them. Think about it, a blood thirsty human-like person, it can't be an alien... It must be some kind of thing that happens to a human, a disease, I dunno. I just think this kind of thing could be possible, that certain kinds of people can be like this, a kind of unknown disease that makes you become a carnivore and you stalk people and forget all about civilization. The story is clearly fake, but the possibility of a real creature that resembles the stories, could be something real. You never know.

The only thing I can believe in is ghosts. I do not believe in evil ghosts that haunt you and want to scare you, I only believe in spirits, who are trying to speak to the living and give them a sign that they are still there, on Earth, watching. I believe in people who die and somehow, you can roam over others in a whole new perspective, and with enough focus or effort, you could make something move, like a vase, or bring your voice back and call to the living. That kind of stuff is a definite, it can be real. But, the show Ghost Hunters, I don't believe most of it. I love watching it, because it's cool and some of the stuff is creepy, but since there are so many seasons and episodes, and they seem to capture so much, that I cannot believe. But, however, you never know.

What do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? Want to prove me wrong and show me that Bigfoot, aliens, etc. really exist? Tell me in the comments below.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

1.07 Adventure Time and Gravity Falls got SERIOUS.

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If you don't know what Adventure Time is, then you must live in a deep dark cave and have no friends. Adventure Time is about a thirteen year old named Finn and his magic dog Jake as they go on crazy adventures and save the day from evil in the land of Ooo. As one of Cartoon Network's biggest success', Adventure Time is a title almost everyone knows and cannot forget.

We also know the show Gravity Falls (read 1.01 to learn more about Gravity Falls) and how that show is also a huge success, one of Disney Channel's biggest achievements to date. The first season was fantastic and is a show not only for kids, but for adults. Basically anybody who loves family and friendship, big forests and the state of Oregon, and a whole bunch of mystery. This is my favorite show, of all time.

But, both shows have changed recently. I am about to explain these changes, and how they got so serious, because they changed, and I'm about to talk about it.

First, Gravity Falls. The show was already pretty serious in the first place, but when they ended their first season, they had a major cliffhanger, secrets were revealed, and we all knew that season two was going to be more serious than we thought it would ever be. And we were right! Season two was just released on August 1st and the first episode involved secret societies, and FBI. It was a huge shock to see how much plot awaits us this season, for the first season was about different, random adventures, but now, each episode is going to have a cliffhanger, as the gang collects clues to their main answers. This will be awesome. But, it won't be the same.


The main thing I wanna discuss is Adventure Time. They are currently in their sixth season, and it was been around for quite some time. But, around after they ended their first season, and the second had arrived, things had started to change- drastically. It was originally about cute little adventures that kids were to enjoy, but now, Fiin is getting girlfriends made of fire, remembering his forgotten past, going into global nuclear wars, and once we saw these life changing episodes, we knew Finn was not just going on random adventures anymore- he was going on his own personal adventure. There was recently an episode where Finn learned about his father's hidden location in a whole different universe. When Finn went to find his father, his father (so-called father) tried to leave him behind and did whatever he could to get away from him. When Finn was so desperate to be with him, he (first of all, recently got an upgrade of weaponry when he got a badass grass sword that he can retract off his wrist whenever he wants) grabbed used this strange power to (the place is full of veins and a the end of one is a portal back to Ooo, it was cut in half) and Finn is trying to put it back together. But, instead, he fails, and his arm snaps right off.

...What the fuck just happened?

Inside those veins are healing gooey liquids, and when some liquid touched vins stump arm, a flower grew right out of it. There is even more wtf right there, just in case we didn't have enough. A few more episodes later, he only had one arm, and if I remember, lost his sword, and then this episode, it was about Finn being depressed because everything he once knew changed and he just slumps around. When a lady bee see's Finn's flower dying, she helps Finn try to cheer the flower up in whatever way he can be happy. Finn thinks if he kisses some girls, the flower will bloom back to life. So, he starts doing deeds for most of Ooo's princess' and get's smooches. Well, that proves Finn is thirteen for sure. But, later, the flower still doesn't bloom, and he falls asleep, and Lumpy Space Princess comes along and tells Finn that she knows of his dirty deed and it's her turn to be part of it. When Finn kisses her, she says she wanted more and wanted to go into the 'deep end'. When Finn says he doesn't know of to swim, she says she's on 'lifeguard duty', blacks out, and then the two wake up beside each other.

...Okay...Yeah...Whatever...Fine...Jeez...It's just...I don't... What the... I can't...

So, yeah, what the fuck, again. It just keeps piling up. Around the end of the episode, Finn get's cheered up, and the flower blooms into a tree, until he pulls the bark off of his stump, and underneath was tree sap. Once he wipes it off, it reveals he grew his arm back.

But, I think I know where all this what the fuckery began. It began back in an episode involving a dark lord named 'The Lich'. When 'something' happens, a war begins and everything starts to get corrupted. When Finn goes to fight the lich, he is hypnotized, and the Lich starts to make him walk towards a pit of boiling toxic acid, where he would surely die. When Finn fights the illusion, he kills the Lich and free's Ooo from the apocalypse. But, when the Ice King comes in to see Finn and Jake, he is holding Princess Bubblegum, but continues to complain about how he didn't help at all. When he accidentally let's go of the princess, she lands in the pit of acid, and melts to death and he acts like he doesn't care, yet everyone else is damnly shocked.

Thus in the second part, she try to bring her back from the dead and bring her pieces into one, they don't have enough, and can only make a thirteen year old version of her. One thing leads to another, she ages back to an adult from some kissing magic and things go back to normal. I don't wanna explain the whole thing.

So, the whole series got super serious, and is no longer a cute show for kids. In fact, it's inappropriate and I'd say it might be more succesful elsewhere, somehow. Like Regular Show, that show belongs on Adult Swim.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

1.06 Courage the Casual Dog

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1.06 Courage the Casual Dog
     Now, if you have never heard of the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog, I don't know how you could possibly have a childhood.

     Courage the Cowardly Dog was about a little pink dog named Courage, who lives in a town called Nowhere (get it? nowhere? because they live in the middle of a desert?) and he is owned by his masters Muriel and Eustace. Muriel is a sweet old lady and Eustace is an angry old farmer. In every episode they would get is some paranormal issues with monsters, including humanoid murderous cats, criminal french ducks, Cajun chef foxes, and more strange foes that Courage must protect his family from. "The things I do for love!"

     This was a fantastic show, I loved it with all my heart, but was sadly canceled because it gave kids nightmares or something. I'm still hoping a return of the show, someday, somehow, someway... But now seasons three and four are available on Netflix! These seasons contain the best episodes I know, such as The Last of the Starmakers and more classics that made me cry.

     I found out recently that people have come up with a theory to the show that Courage is just a normal dog and everything that happens is normal, and is scary to Courage because he see's through a dog's eye. Everything the researched about it is REALLY accurate, and I can believe it.




     The theory is that Courage actually lives in a normal town, and that he thinks nothing else is out there. This is because Eustace and Muriel are too old and never take Courage out on a walk. Since they never take him anywhere, everything he meets and runs into is taken as danger, like how a real dog gets attached to it's family, and when it meets someone new, it reacts negatively (most of the time). This proves that Courage is very protective of Eustace and Muriel because they are all he knows and got attached to.

     Now I will explain some of the monsters and why Courage doesn't like them. The original theories never mention the following information, so these are my personal ideas:
  • Katz: murderous hotel owner. He hates dogs and tries to kill the whole family.
    • He is really just a normal hotel owner, and it all begins with the family wanting to stay somewhere else for once. Courage meets Katz and already doesn't like this new person. The rule for No Dogs Allowed is actually a real No Dogs Allowed rule, for this happens in most hotels, for he'd have to sleep outside. The hotel wasn't popular and had a bit of a spider infestation, and Courage developed a fear of spiders. Katz would try to give them room service, which is why he keeps trying to get around to them. In the end, they leave, and Muriel complains that the service there stunk, and she was right. It was a lame hotel that needed improvement, so they went home instead.
  • LeQuack: starts out as a therapist. tries to steal the family jewels and rob them.
    • He is a real therapist and the name LeQuack makes Courage imagine him as a duck. All the torture LeQuack put Muriel through are real therapy methods, and since Muriel has amnesia, the 'family jewels' are just Muriel's memories, and thus this is what LeQuack was just looking for all along.
     Now these are just two of the most well-known monsters and are easy to explain. The other one's I'm sure you can imagine yourself. It's really basic once you get creative.

     This theory is good enough to be true, but nobody wants it to be the truth. The darkness and monsters are what make Courage the Cowardly Dog good. If it were all normal, it would SUCK F*CKING BALLS.


Friday, June 27, 2014

1.05 We go INSIDE, Limbo 2 goes OUTSIDE.

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Welcome to The Doom Digest, where we talk about stuff that piss us off or impress us from public or personal topics.


  • The ending of the game.
  • Some of it's gameplay and story.

1.05 We go INSIDE, Limbo 2 goes OUTSIDE.
     Ever since the release of the game Limbo by. Playdead, people have been crazing for the rumored production Limbo 2 ever since Playdead released a screenshot of their latest production. Recently at Microsoft's announcement on their latest games for XboxOne and Xbox360 for games such as Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, they also released Playdead's true newest production, INSIDE, which replaced the expected Limbo 2. We talk about this right now.

     The internet comes up with all sorts of things on blogs, social networks, and any other place you can think of. Rumors, theories, leaked footage, you get the idea. We have seen leaked screenshots of video games or television shows, we've heard rumors on how some characters from our favorite games might still be alive and they'll be in a sequel of their game, we've come up with theories that either make sense or no sense at all for mysteries, cliffhangers (Half Life 2, I am looking right at you, you mother f*cker) and etc. We've either lied or told true things that got people excited such as Gravity Falls season two, Half Life 3 (Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, all that Valve bullsh*t) and more topics, but one of the more known ones that everyone knew without knowing it was a 'thing' was Limbo 2.

     If you don't know what Limbo is, Limbo is a game about a mysterious boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest and goes on a huge adventure to find his lost sister, but he must go through many challenges such as giant spiders, hunters and angry strangers, anti-gravity and more things that are told to be impossible. The game is a sidescroller and the art style is black and white. It's pretty flat, but has the most atmosphere in any game you can think of. In fact, look at the following screenshot from the game (click here to see it). The game has so much more detail than you'd expect! It has great light effects, dust, and more physics. If you look at the spider, look a bit more closer at the legs, and everything else. It has a 3D perspective to it after all, for a 2D game. Shadows, thickness, design and art all make this a beautiful game to look at for every minute you play. It's a delight, and look in the background! It may look like it's just pasted to be there, but look at the water beside the kid that glimmers. Look at then, and the forest in the background at the same time. Not so 2D now, is it? Yes, it costs some cash, but it will be worth it in the end, and it will be worth it the instant you play it.

     Once you beat it, you'll be sad and think, "Damn! I want more!" because the ending is basically you smacking against a waterfall, looking as if your dead (in fact, you crash to the floor in PERFECT LOOKING slow motion and practically die), you open your eyes (a mountain appears and it looks like it all never happened) and then you walk up a hill to find you sister. You walk up to her (but not right behind her), startle her, and then the screen goes black. Credits. It's actually a good ending, if you think about it. It's a relief, yet a tiny bit you are pissed off, it's hard to notice. Mostly just shock for how sad you are that the game is over.

     Ever since people beat it, the sequel was a huge rumor. But, Playdead never announced a Limbo 2, but the only thing they EVER talked about their next game, was a simple screenshot (click here to see it). The boy in the screenshot looks a lot like the kid in Limbo, does it not? Turns out, it was this kid, who is another boy (not the same boy) in Playdead's next game, INSIDE (click here to see it). There isn't much on the game's story just yet, but from what people think, it's about a boy trying to stop evil forces from ingulfing the planet. Sounds accurate to me, actually.

     So, I don't know if people were relieved or sad to know that Limbo 2 will never be a thing after all. What are you thinking, Limbo players? Are you happy or sad? I'm a bit of both, because Limbo 2 would be unnecessary and there is nothing to continue off of. What would it be? I'm relieved this way because Playdead didn't make something the world didn't need. This game actually looks really good, from what I saw at the Microsoft conference and it's teaser.

     So, I am really excited for this game, and I am immediately buying it once it is released this Christmas. I'm buying it with my Christmas cash.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

1.04 That one guy from that one movie.

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1.04 That one guy from that one movie.
     You have heard the voice over a billion times, you know who he is, you just don't know his name. It's the one that speaks in a lot of Disney films, the voice that is casual and groovy. Or there is the voice that is in every horror film, the one that is deep and rumbling. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

     In every film trailer or commercial, there is the same announcement person who says "Coming soon! An adventure critics are calling 'The summer movie of the year!'." It's ridiculous because with every Dreamworks film it's the same voice, with every horror film, it's the same voice. I have heard it so many times I sometimes hear it in my dreams.

I don't know what to say about that.

     I mean, image how it must feel being that person. Just think if you were him, if you were in the following situations... What if you were sitting at home watching a commercial and...

Commercial: "... coming soon to theaters!"
Man: "Yep, that's me and my announcement voice."
*phone rings*
Man: "Hello?"
Phone: "Hey, I need you to voice the trailer for our film in September, The Boxtrolls."
Man: "Ah, sorry. I'm already about to go and voice for How to Train your Dragon 2, and-"
*phone rings again*
Man: "Hang on, I got another call... *** ...Hello?"
Phone: "Do you think you can voice in the commercial for the Cartoon Network production, Sonic Boom?"
Man: "Isn't that a television show?"
Phone: "Yeah, but we want you to do it anyways."
*phone rings AGAIN*
Man: "Mother f*cker!!!... *** ...What?"
Phone: "We-"
Man: "Ratchet & Clank?"
Phone: "How did you-"
Man: "You put up a teaser on YouTube. You also did Uncharted 4. Where is The Last of Us movie?"
Phone: "Oh, we hired the deeper voiced dude to do that one."
Man: "Uhuh..." *hangs up*

     That would kinda suck, am I right? I already know for a fact he's been in that situation. Must be a tough role to play, I mean think about how many times he's lost his voice? Next thing you know, Good Morning America is gonna do a memorial for his in the next few years.

If anyone knows his name, please tell me.
I will thank you right here if you help me!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

1.03 Sonic went 'Boom' and died.

Welcome to The Doom Digest, where we talk about random things that piss us off or impress us from public or personal topics.

1.03 Sonic went 'Boom' and died.
     We all know the mascot of Sega, the 'blue blur', the hedgehog that's supposed to be faster than the speed of light, although we all know that isn't true, you know him; Sonic the Hedgehog.

     He's cool, he's cocky, he's annoying, but that's how some of us gamers like him. He isn't a bad character, his games are fun, from his classic interface in 2D until he arrived in 3D in his newer games, his awesome speedy abilities and awesome moves, Sonic is one everyone knows about, and cannot forget. He has been around for a while now, but has he been around too long?

     Recently, he came out with the game Sonic: Lost World. When I heard it got announced and I saw some gameplay and footage, I got really excited, but at first they said nothing about what the game was actually about, but in the trailer it did mention something about six new villains called the Deadly 6 or something like that. But anyways, it had a whole new game setting, as gravity was defied and you could move around on little platforms and explore strange new places on a distorted lost planet called the Lost Hex.

     It looked like a good game, until I actually watched some playthroughs, and I realized something; there was no reason to it all! Think about it, the game literally starts out with you flying in the air on Tail's airplane (can't remember the name) and you and Tails are chasing after Eggman as he stuffed the little animal critters inside his capsule, just like in the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. It was interesting to see this concept again, but all the sudden you see a planet, one giant ass planet, oh look! It's the long lost Hex that people have been looking for!


     So you get shot, you crash onto the planet (i can't remember where Tail's goes off to) and then you land, and you save the critters, but all the sudden, you see the Deadly 6 in front of you, they look kinda vicious, and you are ready to fight them, but instead of fighting them, you just fly and burst past them and leave the critters behind.

What the f*ck, Sonic?
Are you f*cking series right now.

     The game just felt like all the other Sonic games, but at the same time it didn't at all. Think about it, Sonic Unleashed was a great Sonic game in the franchise! You played as the original Sonic in actual fun maps and cool new skills, actions, graphics, it was a masterpiece of a game and had a lot of bonus content so you could keep playing after you beat it, and how could we forget playing as the Werehog? He could break and smash with cool combo moves, he was slow, but the maps were designed for him specially and you could cycle through day and night in the game so you can play as him whenever you want! I also liked collecting XP and upgrading my abilities! That was fun to me because there was so much I had dreamed for a Sonic game!

     After that was Sonic Generations, which was a freaking blast! It was about the original Sonic, 'modern' Sonic, but twist! It's about 'classic' Sonic as well! What happens? Well, there is a break in time, and a giant clock-work doom cloud takes all the Sonic characters from the past and future and brings them into a place between time, a blank place where no past or future is yet created, and Sonic from today and Sonic from the past (graphics improved and new 3D design), they must work together to bring all their friends back from Sonic history and save time before it is consumed to nothing! It was creative, and the best part? You could play as modern Sonic and run around worlds that were originally in 2D (such as Green Hill Zone [Sonic the Hedgehog] and Chemical Plant Zone [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]), but with new gameplay, the 2D worlds expand to 3D for the first time ever! And with classic Sonic, you can explore the 3D worlds from newer Sonic games (such as Crisis city [Sonic '06] and Planet Wisp [Sonic Colors]) and play them in 2D mode for the first time as well, including the ability to use a Wisp (such as Drill or Spikes) as classic Sonic! It was a fantastic bring pack to a future and past, and they had this piece of dialogue in it that made me smile so hard;

Classic Tails: "He has how many? Where does he keep all those rings?"
Modern Tails: "I don't know. I keep forgetting to ask."

     There were so many great Sonic games in the 2000s (Sonic '06 is a bad game, I know, but hey!) and his fan-base blew up like crazy, but all the sudden, he SSSSUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKEEEDDD.

     I don't mean he sucked, but they just released a new game called Sonic Boom and it's a co-operative game where you work as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy to do whatever, I don't know the story yet, but it has a bit more of a some-what western costume design, and guess what I realized?


     Do you see what I'm trying to show you? Look at them again, look at them in order. Can you see it? He's small in the beginning, round, looks like a little kid around the age of ten years old. Just read this:

These are estimated on how old he looks in the following images:
Image #1 - Age 10 Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Image #2 - Age 13 Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (1998)
Image #3 - Age 16 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Image #4 - Age 19 Sonic Lost World (2013)
Image #5 - Age 21 Sonic Boom (2014)

You can see it for real now.
Sonic isn't changing design...

     Of course time goes by in his dimension, but as you can see, it's REALLY happening! He's growing up! Here are more statistics:
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic)
    • Short
    • Round
    • Soft & Cuddly
    • Young looking
    • No voice
  • Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut
    • Slightly taller
    • Lost a bit of weight
    • Less soft
    • Looks like a kid, but a bit older
    • Young and a bit of a scratchy voice
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
    • Average height
    • Slim and healthy
    • No more softness
    • Looks like a teenager
    • Bit of a bolder voice
  • Sonic Lost World
    • Stopped growing for a bit
    • Still slim and healthy
    • Still no cuddle
    • Looks like an adult
    • Voice went bold, changed entirely
  • Sonic Boom
    • Reached his final height
    • Is a lot more slim, lost a bit more weight
    • Dresses up in newer clothes like a young adult does
    • Looks 'all grown up'
    • Again, bold voice and stops changing.
     This is total proof that Sonic is aging, and what if four games later, he starts having the issues of being middle aged and he sounds like a REAL ADULT? What if people? What does Sonic have planned for us?

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Monday, June 9, 2014

1.02 Gravity Falls and Steven Universe

Welcome to The Doom Digest, where we talk about random things that piss us off or impress us from public or personal topics.

1.02 Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
     Everybody knows Cartoon Network, the channel that plays the loved Adventure Time and the show that should be on Adult Swim, Regular Show. Everybody knows Disney Channel, the place where they play god awful shows like Good Luck Charlie and Austin & Allie. We know Nickelodeon for playing their new game shows such as Web Heads and the show that should have been cancelled on their fifth season, Spongebob Squarepants. But why are we talking about Nickelodeon? Forget them, right now it's CN and Disney.

     It was in the summer of 2012, and children everywhere were having a blast at the beach or playing video games or having a cold drink with a friend. But, if you were watching television, on Disney Channel, you may have seen some news about the new show that was arriving, Gravity Falls. There was a pilot, a few shorts, sneak peeks, and finally, it came out and everyone saw the first episode titled Tourist Trap, the start of a new fan community, a very powerful one, Gravity Falls came and it was a hit the second it came up on our screens.

     Gravity Falls is about two twins with the names Dipper and Mabel Pines (Dipper is not his real name, nobody knows what it actually is) who were enjoying their summer playing video games and cuddling with their cats at home until their parents ship them out to a small town with the name of Gravity Falls somewhere in Oregon (not a real town, don't go searching for it) where they have to stay with their great uncle (grunkle), Stan Pines. Stan owns a building where he brings tourist from all around to look at his fake and hand-make junk that he lies on they are full of magic and mystery, the Mystery Shack, where Dipper and Mabel must live and work with two other workers named Soos and Wendy, and have to be bored for the rest of their summer. It seemed like it'd be the same routine 24/7, but when Dipper goes out in the forest, he discovers a strange contraption that hands him an old dusty book with a hand that has a sixth finger on the cover, and a 3 marking on the palm of the hand. This journal (Journal #3) contains the true history behind the town of Gravity Falls and soon enough, Dipper and Mabel go on crazy, mystical adventures about the truth behind the citizens, the history, and everything about Gravity Falls, and maybe even time itself! The possibilities are endless!

     Now, I know what you are thinking, "But this show is on Disney Channel, it has to be total sh*t, right?" Well, apparently, Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, was given the chance to give them a show, and he gave them a show that was so good, everyone loved it, Gravity Falls. Alex is now famous just for this show. Good for him! Just watch it for yourself, I love it so much. It's an amazing show for it's storyline, action and actually pretty deep plot, characters, family bonding and cooperation themes, this is a show you have to watch with the entire family!

     But now we move on to the other show that was rumored to suck, Steven Universe, which is about a young boy named Steven Universe (which is his real name, Steven Quartz Universe) who lives in town called Beach City in a giant statue called the Temple and he must stay with three powerful lady gods known as Crystal Gems. These three crystal gems are named Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl (yes, they are based off of real gems but are in a human-like form). The Crystal Gems must work to save humanity from evil and doom but must also take care of Steven who may sometimes come along to help save the day with his goofy ideas and Cheeseburger Backpack. Steven lives with them because he is actually half-human and half-crystal gem, evidence from his gem being located on his belly button (of all places) and whenever something happens, he starts learning how to control his gem and become a hero like the real Crystal Gems, since he doesn't exactly know how to use it. The way he got this gem was from his Crystal Gem mother, Rose Quartz and his human father, Greg Universe. The two got married and had Steven, but eventually, Rose actually died and the fans (including me) still don't know why, and hope for her to return someday in one final mission with the crew from her being rumored to be the most powerful of them all.

     What's great about the show is the incredible and atmospheric art style and background designing. It's so colorful and beautiful it's something to love about the show, surely, and makes you sink in your seat when the setting is correct. It also has a beautiful soundtrack that also makes you sink in your seat in amazement. Actually, the soundtrack writers were originally video game soundtrack writers, and helped out with Steven Universe. They did one hell of a good job! Click here to listen to their incredible work on Sound Cloud! Anyways, the character design is also one to love. It helps with loving the characters a lot faster, to stick to them, to be more comfortable with them. But I have to admit, in the first few episodes, they weren't used to it I guess and they messed up some body sizes and such, making it look a bit too 'sloppy'. But that's all better now and everything is much more perfect. What also makes it a great show is just how interesting it can get as in of how live goes and how the normal citizens of Beach City react to the Crystal Gem's powers and abilities, and how Steven's past in unwrapped with each new thing he learns in every single episode.

     Both shows Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are the best shows and cartoons around, and you'll have to watch them for yourself. They are amazing shows, flat-out amazing shows that people should never give a bad word to. Be warned, Steven Universe is actually nearing the end of it's first season and only needs two more episodes for it to be renewed of a second season, as for Gravity Falls has already ended season one and sometime in the middle of summer this year will it release season two. You can buy Gravity Falls season one on Amazon and I'm not sure for Steven Universe, just take a look around?

     But yes, please watch them! You won't be disappointed and both shows will be stuck in your head for ages! Enjoy your cartoons!

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