Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1.08 Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, are all real! (or not)

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"Recently scientists went searching in a forest somewhere in Oregon, and what they found was something they had never seen. They saw a footprint carved into the dirt of the floor path, and they knew, from the abnormally large size of this footprint, that this was from the long lost beast named 'Bigfoot'. They took it into a lab and then they went back into the forest and stayed overnight. What they discovered next was incredible. They heard a loud, long and deep yell come from the distant of the forest, and  they knew Bigfoot was out there. But, when they tried to track him down, he could not be located. Bigfoot is still unknown to this day, but scientists are still trying..."

Yeah, no. Absolutely not. Can you actually believe this shit? I didn't get this from an article, I just made it up for fun, but this is the kind of stuff people say because they say they saw Bigfoot or something. It's ridiculous. I think it is the most stupid thing ever. If you tell someone "Bigfoot isn't real, get over it!" they may call you 'close-minded' and that you don't believe in anything. Well, people, it is called being smart and being part of reality.

Think about this; Bigfoot has been told to have existed since, well, a while now, and he is a loud, tall species of man which is covered in hair from head to toe and walks among forests and watches it's visitors. Well, we have looked around a lot of forests, and we have even cut down forests, and by now, we would have found this so called Bigfoot. The only clues we have ever found is either a footprint or his voice screaming in the distance. Name one other thing that is a clue to Bigfoot, just one.

No other evidence.

By now we would have found him. And that show 'Finding Bigfoot' is total crap as well. Every episode is the same, they never find anything different. All they find is voices, maybe some prints, or some hair they found on the ground. I mean, it's just hair from some guy, maybe dog hair when a guy was taking his dog on a walk, I mean, Bigfoot of all things come to mind? Oh, grow up already. He's not real. If anything, if Bigfoot or Sasquatches once existed, they are extinct or something. My guess, it's just some stupid myth a random guy came up with to get famous.

Now, aliens. Those also do not exist, but actually, it depends on what we mean by 'aliens'. Obviously the big headed green creatures that we see in movies do not exist, but something might just exist that isn't the big headed freakazoid. Flying saucers are not real, I mean, the internet has found way too many U.F.O's for them to be real. Does anybody remember the picture, the first U.F.O sighting? That might just be real, who knows. But why are there so many afterwards? That guy got famous for the sighting, and everyone else made props to get famous as well. But it really makes them look like idiots who are desperate for attention and have something wrong in their brain or something and wear those cat t-shirts. Anywho, yeah. Most of these sightings have to be fake, but the thought of aliens are a definite possibility. There has to have been one time where creatures from distant planets/universes have come to visit Earth to study it's life and technology, but only once, many twice, but that is just it. There has got to be only three, or two real sightings, but the rest are fake.

Now how about that Chupacabra? People think this little thing is real, and I gotta say, it is a huge possibility it is a real creature. It's told to eat cows and goats and stuff in Mexico or something like that, and it's small, fast, and blood thirsty. This could be a real thing, because cows are getting eating by stuff all the time, and this Chupacabra is small and fast, so it'd be hard to get a picture of it. This makes me think there has to be only two or three real sighting pictures out there, for people who got lucky. The Chupacabra is just one of those things that could be real.

Next, is something that people call The Rake. This creature is supposed to be a human-like creature that stalks people and eventually goes over to kill them. But it waits for a possibility of months until it wishes to eat upon one's flesh. Now, people think this is a CreepyPasta (creepy pasta; a story about creepy topics, such as the Slenderman or Jeff the Killer) but it just could be real. I mean, there are all kidns of human-like creatures, I think. :\ The Rake could just be one of them. Think about it, a blood thirsty human-like person, it can't be an alien... It must be some kind of thing that happens to a human, a disease, I dunno. I just think this kind of thing could be possible, that certain kinds of people can be like this, a kind of unknown disease that makes you become a carnivore and you stalk people and forget all about civilization. The story is clearly fake, but the possibility of a real creature that resembles the stories, could be something real. You never know.

The only thing I can believe in is ghosts. I do not believe in evil ghosts that haunt you and want to scare you, I only believe in spirits, who are trying to speak to the living and give them a sign that they are still there, on Earth, watching. I believe in people who die and somehow, you can roam over others in a whole new perspective, and with enough focus or effort, you could make something move, like a vase, or bring your voice back and call to the living. That kind of stuff is a definite, it can be real. But, the show Ghost Hunters, I don't believe most of it. I love watching it, because it's cool and some of the stuff is creepy, but since there are so many seasons and episodes, and they seem to capture so much, that I cannot believe. But, however, you never know.

What do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? Want to prove me wrong and show me that Bigfoot, aliens, etc. really exist? Tell me in the comments below.

This was the Doom Digest, making sense.

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