Saturday, June 21, 2014

1.04 That one guy from that one movie.

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1.04 That one guy from that one movie.
     You have heard the voice over a billion times, you know who he is, you just don't know his name. It's the one that speaks in a lot of Disney films, the voice that is casual and groovy. Or there is the voice that is in every horror film, the one that is deep and rumbling. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

     In every film trailer or commercial, there is the same announcement person who says "Coming soon! An adventure critics are calling 'The summer movie of the year!'." It's ridiculous because with every Dreamworks film it's the same voice, with every horror film, it's the same voice. I have heard it so many times I sometimes hear it in my dreams.

I don't know what to say about that.

     I mean, image how it must feel being that person. Just think if you were him, if you were in the following situations... What if you were sitting at home watching a commercial and...

Commercial: "... coming soon to theaters!"
Man: "Yep, that's me and my announcement voice."
*phone rings*
Man: "Hello?"
Phone: "Hey, I need you to voice the trailer for our film in September, The Boxtrolls."
Man: "Ah, sorry. I'm already about to go and voice for How to Train your Dragon 2, and-"
*phone rings again*
Man: "Hang on, I got another call... *** ...Hello?"
Phone: "Do you think you can voice in the commercial for the Cartoon Network production, Sonic Boom?"
Man: "Isn't that a television show?"
Phone: "Yeah, but we want you to do it anyways."
*phone rings AGAIN*
Man: "Mother f*cker!!!... *** ...What?"
Phone: "We-"
Man: "Ratchet & Clank?"
Phone: "How did you-"
Man: "You put up a teaser on YouTube. You also did Uncharted 4. Where is The Last of Us movie?"
Phone: "Oh, we hired the deeper voiced dude to do that one."
Man: "Uhuh..." *hangs up*

     That would kinda suck, am I right? I already know for a fact he's been in that situation. Must be a tough role to play, I mean think about how many times he's lost his voice? Next thing you know, Good Morning America is gonna do a memorial for his in the next few years.

If anyone knows his name, please tell me.
I will thank you right here if you help me!

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