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1.07 Adventure Time and Gravity Falls got SERIOUS.

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If you don't know what Adventure Time is, then you must live in a deep dark cave and have no friends. Adventure Time is about a thirteen year old named Finn and his magic dog Jake as they go on crazy adventures and save the day from evil in the land of Ooo. As one of Cartoon Network's biggest success', Adventure Time is a title almost everyone knows and cannot forget.

We also know the show Gravity Falls (read 1.01 to learn more about Gravity Falls) and how that show is also a huge success, one of Disney Channel's biggest achievements to date. The first season was fantastic and is a show not only for kids, but for adults. Basically anybody who loves family and friendship, big forests and the state of Oregon, and a whole bunch of mystery. This is my favorite show, of all time.

But, both shows have changed recently. I am about to explain these changes, and how they got so serious, because they changed, and I'm about to talk about it.

First, Gravity Falls. The show was already pretty serious in the first place, but when they ended their first season, they had a major cliffhanger, secrets were revealed, and we all knew that season two was going to be more serious than we thought it would ever be. And we were right! Season two was just released on August 1st and the first episode involved secret societies, and FBI. It was a huge shock to see how much plot awaits us this season, for the first season was about different, random adventures, but now, each episode is going to have a cliffhanger, as the gang collects clues to their main answers. This will be awesome. But, it won't be the same.


The main thing I wanna discuss is Adventure Time. They are currently in their sixth season, and it was been around for quite some time. But, around after they ended their first season, and the second had arrived, things had started to change- drastically. It was originally about cute little adventures that kids were to enjoy, but now, Fiin is getting girlfriends made of fire, remembering his forgotten past, going into global nuclear wars, and once we saw these life changing episodes, we knew Finn was not just going on random adventures anymore- he was going on his own personal adventure. There was recently an episode where Finn learned about his father's hidden location in a whole different universe. When Finn went to find his father, his father (so-called father) tried to leave him behind and did whatever he could to get away from him. When Finn was so desperate to be with him, he (first of all, recently got an upgrade of weaponry when he got a badass grass sword that he can retract off his wrist whenever he wants) grabbed used this strange power to (the place is full of veins and a the end of one is a portal back to Ooo, it was cut in half) and Finn is trying to put it back together. But, instead, he fails, and his arm snaps right off.

...What the fuck just happened?

Inside those veins are healing gooey liquids, and when some liquid touched vins stump arm, a flower grew right out of it. There is even more wtf right there, just in case we didn't have enough. A few more episodes later, he only had one arm, and if I remember, lost his sword, and then this episode, it was about Finn being depressed because everything he once knew changed and he just slumps around. When a lady bee see's Finn's flower dying, she helps Finn try to cheer the flower up in whatever way he can be happy. Finn thinks if he kisses some girls, the flower will bloom back to life. So, he starts doing deeds for most of Ooo's princess' and get's smooches. Well, that proves Finn is thirteen for sure. But, later, the flower still doesn't bloom, and he falls asleep, and Lumpy Space Princess comes along and tells Finn that she knows of his dirty deed and it's her turn to be part of it. When Finn kisses her, she says she wanted more and wanted to go into the 'deep end'. When Finn says he doesn't know of to swim, she says she's on 'lifeguard duty', blacks out, and then the two wake up beside each other.

...Okay...Yeah...Whatever...Fine...Jeez...It's just...I don't... What the... I can't...

So, yeah, what the fuck, again. It just keeps piling up. Around the end of the episode, Finn get's cheered up, and the flower blooms into a tree, until he pulls the bark off of his stump, and underneath was tree sap. Once he wipes it off, it reveals he grew his arm back.

But, I think I know where all this what the fuckery began. It began back in an episode involving a dark lord named 'The Lich'. When 'something' happens, a war begins and everything starts to get corrupted. When Finn goes to fight the lich, he is hypnotized, and the Lich starts to make him walk towards a pit of boiling toxic acid, where he would surely die. When Finn fights the illusion, he kills the Lich and free's Ooo from the apocalypse. But, when the Ice King comes in to see Finn and Jake, he is holding Princess Bubblegum, but continues to complain about how he didn't help at all. When he accidentally let's go of the princess, she lands in the pit of acid, and melts to death and he acts like he doesn't care, yet everyone else is damnly shocked.

Thus in the second part, she try to bring her back from the dead and bring her pieces into one, they don't have enough, and can only make a thirteen year old version of her. One thing leads to another, she ages back to an adult from some kissing magic and things go back to normal. I don't wanna explain the whole thing.

So, the whole series got super serious, and is no longer a cute show for kids. In fact, it's inappropriate and I'd say it might be more succesful elsewhere, somehow. Like Regular Show, that show belongs on Adult Swim.

This was the Doom Digest, making sense.

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