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1.05 We go INSIDE, Limbo 2 goes OUTSIDE.

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  • The ending of the game.
  • Some of it's gameplay and story.

1.05 We go INSIDE, Limbo 2 goes OUTSIDE.
     Ever since the release of the game Limbo by. Playdead, people have been crazing for the rumored production Limbo 2 ever since Playdead released a screenshot of their latest production. Recently at Microsoft's announcement on their latest games for XboxOne and Xbox360 for games such as Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, they also released Playdead's true newest production, INSIDE, which replaced the expected Limbo 2. We talk about this right now.

     The internet comes up with all sorts of things on blogs, social networks, and any other place you can think of. Rumors, theories, leaked footage, you get the idea. We have seen leaked screenshots of video games or television shows, we've heard rumors on how some characters from our favorite games might still be alive and they'll be in a sequel of their game, we've come up with theories that either make sense or no sense at all for mysteries, cliffhangers (Half Life 2, I am looking right at you, you mother f*cker) and etc. We've either lied or told true things that got people excited such as Gravity Falls season two, Half Life 3 (Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, all that Valve bullsh*t) and more topics, but one of the more known ones that everyone knew without knowing it was a 'thing' was Limbo 2.

     If you don't know what Limbo is, Limbo is a game about a mysterious boy who wakes up in the middle of a forest and goes on a huge adventure to find his lost sister, but he must go through many challenges such as giant spiders, hunters and angry strangers, anti-gravity and more things that are told to be impossible. The game is a sidescroller and the art style is black and white. It's pretty flat, but has the most atmosphere in any game you can think of. In fact, look at the following screenshot from the game (click here to see it). The game has so much more detail than you'd expect! It has great light effects, dust, and more physics. If you look at the spider, look a bit more closer at the legs, and everything else. It has a 3D perspective to it after all, for a 2D game. Shadows, thickness, design and art all make this a beautiful game to look at for every minute you play. It's a delight, and look in the background! It may look like it's just pasted to be there, but look at the water beside the kid that glimmers. Look at then, and the forest in the background at the same time. Not so 2D now, is it? Yes, it costs some cash, but it will be worth it in the end, and it will be worth it the instant you play it.

     Once you beat it, you'll be sad and think, "Damn! I want more!" because the ending is basically you smacking against a waterfall, looking as if your dead (in fact, you crash to the floor in PERFECT LOOKING slow motion and practically die), you open your eyes (a mountain appears and it looks like it all never happened) and then you walk up a hill to find you sister. You walk up to her (but not right behind her), startle her, and then the screen goes black. Credits. It's actually a good ending, if you think about it. It's a relief, yet a tiny bit you are pissed off, it's hard to notice. Mostly just shock for how sad you are that the game is over.

     Ever since people beat it, the sequel was a huge rumor. But, Playdead never announced a Limbo 2, but the only thing they EVER talked about their next game, was a simple screenshot (click here to see it). The boy in the screenshot looks a lot like the kid in Limbo, does it not? Turns out, it was this kid, who is another boy (not the same boy) in Playdead's next game, INSIDE (click here to see it). There isn't much on the game's story just yet, but from what people think, it's about a boy trying to stop evil forces from ingulfing the planet. Sounds accurate to me, actually.

     So, I don't know if people were relieved or sad to know that Limbo 2 will never be a thing after all. What are you thinking, Limbo players? Are you happy or sad? I'm a bit of both, because Limbo 2 would be unnecessary and there is nothing to continue off of. What would it be? I'm relieved this way because Playdead didn't make something the world didn't need. This game actually looks really good, from what I saw at the Microsoft conference and it's teaser.

     So, I am really excited for this game, and I am immediately buying it once it is released this Christmas. I'm buying it with my Christmas cash.

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