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1.02 Gravity Falls and Steven Universe

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1.02 Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
     Everybody knows Cartoon Network, the channel that plays the loved Adventure Time and the show that should be on Adult Swim, Regular Show. Everybody knows Disney Channel, the place where they play god awful shows like Good Luck Charlie and Austin & Allie. We know Nickelodeon for playing their new game shows such as Web Heads and the show that should have been cancelled on their fifth season, Spongebob Squarepants. But why are we talking about Nickelodeon? Forget them, right now it's CN and Disney.

     It was in the summer of 2012, and children everywhere were having a blast at the beach or playing video games or having a cold drink with a friend. But, if you were watching television, on Disney Channel, you may have seen some news about the new show that was arriving, Gravity Falls. There was a pilot, a few shorts, sneak peeks, and finally, it came out and everyone saw the first episode titled Tourist Trap, the start of a new fan community, a very powerful one, Gravity Falls came and it was a hit the second it came up on our screens.

     Gravity Falls is about two twins with the names Dipper and Mabel Pines (Dipper is not his real name, nobody knows what it actually is) who were enjoying their summer playing video games and cuddling with their cats at home until their parents ship them out to a small town with the name of Gravity Falls somewhere in Oregon (not a real town, don't go searching for it) where they have to stay with their great uncle (grunkle), Stan Pines. Stan owns a building where he brings tourist from all around to look at his fake and hand-make junk that he lies on they are full of magic and mystery, the Mystery Shack, where Dipper and Mabel must live and work with two other workers named Soos and Wendy, and have to be bored for the rest of their summer. It seemed like it'd be the same routine 24/7, but when Dipper goes out in the forest, he discovers a strange contraption that hands him an old dusty book with a hand that has a sixth finger on the cover, and a 3 marking on the palm of the hand. This journal (Journal #3) contains the true history behind the town of Gravity Falls and soon enough, Dipper and Mabel go on crazy, mystical adventures about the truth behind the citizens, the history, and everything about Gravity Falls, and maybe even time itself! The possibilities are endless!

     Now, I know what you are thinking, "But this show is on Disney Channel, it has to be total sh*t, right?" Well, apparently, Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, was given the chance to give them a show, and he gave them a show that was so good, everyone loved it, Gravity Falls. Alex is now famous just for this show. Good for him! Just watch it for yourself, I love it so much. It's an amazing show for it's storyline, action and actually pretty deep plot, characters, family bonding and cooperation themes, this is a show you have to watch with the entire family!

     But now we move on to the other show that was rumored to suck, Steven Universe, which is about a young boy named Steven Universe (which is his real name, Steven Quartz Universe) who lives in town called Beach City in a giant statue called the Temple and he must stay with three powerful lady gods known as Crystal Gems. These three crystal gems are named Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl (yes, they are based off of real gems but are in a human-like form). The Crystal Gems must work to save humanity from evil and doom but must also take care of Steven who may sometimes come along to help save the day with his goofy ideas and Cheeseburger Backpack. Steven lives with them because he is actually half-human and half-crystal gem, evidence from his gem being located on his belly button (of all places) and whenever something happens, he starts learning how to control his gem and become a hero like the real Crystal Gems, since he doesn't exactly know how to use it. The way he got this gem was from his Crystal Gem mother, Rose Quartz and his human father, Greg Universe. The two got married and had Steven, but eventually, Rose actually died and the fans (including me) still don't know why, and hope for her to return someday in one final mission with the crew from her being rumored to be the most powerful of them all.

     What's great about the show is the incredible and atmospheric art style and background designing. It's so colorful and beautiful it's something to love about the show, surely, and makes you sink in your seat when the setting is correct. It also has a beautiful soundtrack that also makes you sink in your seat in amazement. Actually, the soundtrack writers were originally video game soundtrack writers, and helped out with Steven Universe. They did one hell of a good job! Click here to listen to their incredible work on Sound Cloud! Anyways, the character design is also one to love. It helps with loving the characters a lot faster, to stick to them, to be more comfortable with them. But I have to admit, in the first few episodes, they weren't used to it I guess and they messed up some body sizes and such, making it look a bit too 'sloppy'. But that's all better now and everything is much more perfect. What also makes it a great show is just how interesting it can get as in of how live goes and how the normal citizens of Beach City react to the Crystal Gem's powers and abilities, and how Steven's past in unwrapped with each new thing he learns in every single episode.

     Both shows Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are the best shows and cartoons around, and you'll have to watch them for yourself. They are amazing shows, flat-out amazing shows that people should never give a bad word to. Be warned, Steven Universe is actually nearing the end of it's first season and only needs two more episodes for it to be renewed of a second season, as for Gravity Falls has already ended season one and sometime in the middle of summer this year will it release season two. You can buy Gravity Falls season one on Amazon and I'm not sure for Steven Universe, just take a look around?

     But yes, please watch them! You won't be disappointed and both shows will be stuck in your head for ages! Enjoy your cartoons!

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